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With an Eternal Perspective

In a society that is focused on what we do or where we come from, rather than who we are, it is easier to conform. Conforming to a truth that is someone else’s and I cannot help but wonder to whom it belongs. We are here to experience contrast, as contrast is what makes us grow. How come we are so scared of those who decide not to follow the stream? Deep inside we all want to live a life that is greater than ourselves but we are not willing make the effort required. An effort to remind ourselves of our greatness, to be optimistic even in the worst of times, to see the best in others and to be grateful for all that is. There is nothing bigger than ourselves and once you tap into that space inside of you, that’s when you radiate something that influences, touches and blesses everyone around you. You understand that all is as it should be, you view the world with an eternal perspective.  To view the world with an eternal perspective or “sub specie aeternitatis” is a means of achieving a life of virtue. We use time as our reference in life but with a timeless perspective, isn’t everything as it should be?

Sub Specie Aeternitatis is engraved into the main fireplace at Storholmen Castle, as a central thought behind its existence. Time and space has no meaning, it is as nature intended. What has happened cannot be changed, it may have been neglected, forgotten, but in the bigger picture, isn’t everything as it should be? This place, which was once erected to entertain royalty and higher socialites, has in later years served as the childhood sanctuary to a tribe of peaceful warriors. Who hasn’t dreamt of living in a castle? Why did we all dream this? I cannot help but think that it would be the ideal childhood. A life of adventure where one day you can be a warrior princess and the next a Chief. Free to explore, learn and grow. What if you were led to believe that all children live in castles, what if you were free to live out your wildest dreams every day? What if you were given the responsibility to follow your own emotional guiding system and judgement in life? Free to follow your heart. Less interference with what was already so perfect from the start. The parents take no credit for the divine beings that have come through them, they just acted as nature intended…

I was drawn to this place by some unexplainable force. Perhaps one of the 68 ghosts who live here had some unfinished business, perhaps they needed some help? Perhaps I was chosen because I work with light, because I see things many people don’t. There is energy in everyone and everything around you, like attracts like. I have found something very special here, where it will venture from here I don’t know, but I can see the light. The story of Storholmen Caste has only just begun. Everything is exactly as it should be.

…”Once upon a time there was a King, a God of Gods, a Warrior Princess and a Bright Star, who lived in a castle on an island far far away… and so the story continues”

[Music by Mree – Lift me up]

Storholmen Castle, Villa Kassman



Storholmen Castle, Villa Kassman, Hanna Hervall


Storholmen castle, villa chessmenH53A2358-2



H53A2373_1Storholmen Castle, Villa Kassman







Storholmen Castle, Villa Kassman










Heléne Johannesson - I love your photos and for a child to grow upp in a castle like this with its history built in and untouched it will bring the most possible dreams of fantasy come true.
Every child deserve to be loved and to get the posibility to dream, dream big and with a lots of imagination.

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