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West coast bliss

Something that I live by is that if you allow and trust in the unknown, things will almost certainly turn out better than you could have ever planned for. We cannot control everything, and when we attempt to do so, it often takes the magic away. This afternoon was yet another one of those trusting moments. Lina called me saying she wasn’t sure the weather was going to hold up for the afternoon, as it was overcast and very windy where they were. I said I was pretty certain it would be ok as it was sunny where I was, 30 minutes away. It’s not often that the sun comes out in Sweden, and I knew this day could be our one and only chance. As soon as I hung up, I checked the timetable for the bus to take me to where they were. As it turned out it would take 3 hours by bus, a distance that is only 25-30 minutes by car! Who in their right mind would do that I thought, and jumped on my bike instead. The bike ride took almost as long as the bus, but I had the most amazing ride! How often do we jump on a bike to somewhere we haven’t been before? Not enough, that’s for sure! It was the most liberating feeling of that entire summer, to whiz past fields with horses on summer pasture without any idea of what was around the next corner! I stopped several times just to soak it all in. I wasn’t familiar with the area where we were going to meet, but I trust in my ability to pull it off and kept my eyes open for nice spots as I was getting closer and closer to the meeting place. As fate would have it, when I was only 15 bike minutes away, I called Lina back to tell her to come and meet me because I had found the spot.

This little family shoot was a gift from their friend Ellen. A gift of West Coast bliss at its best, what could be better? To Lina, Viktor, Olle and Erik, thank you so much for an adventurous day! I enjoyed every minute with your little family and the wine and little treats you brought for me was so thoughtful, thank you, thank you thank you… and please excuse the delay of telling this story, you already know why. Enjoy reliving the memories of this day.



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