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Today is the 6th of June, the National Day of Sweden. For the past few years my family and I have been home during this time of the year, but not this year, and it feels heavier than ever to not be home today. Living overseas have made me realise that home is always going to be home. It is the place that never leaves my heart and the place we always return to. Even though a lot has changed, everything that we love the most is still there. I miss the unspoken common understanding, the unquestioned cultural traditions, the songs everybody knows, the food everybody loves. I miss the open fields and the quietness, the dirt roads and the untouched nature. I miss the simple pleasures of an evening dip in the ocean on a warm summer night, or an early morning run through the forest, uncomplicated freedom. Sweden is a place that cannot be explained, it must be experienced. I would like to welcome you to explore it with me now… and maybe one day you’ll come and visit me here. Press play, scroll and enjoy. Happy National Day!

Heléne Johannesson - Tack Hanna, helt magiska bilder.
Vi lever ju i ett så fantastiskt land som har sååå mycket vackert att erbjuda och du har lyckats att fånga flera av dessa fina platser.
Tack för bilderna.

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