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The Queens of perfect awkwardness

I get a lot of couples who consider themselves “awkward” when it comes to standing in front of the camera. I mean, who doesn’t? Unless your a modell or hollywood actress/actor, you are probably not too comfortable in front of a camera either. No, selfies doesn’t count. My granddad always used to say – “Some people look good in photos, others simply look like themselves.” It may sound harsh, but it’s true…  That’s amateur photography right there.  We all have that secret stash of awful photos (possibly whole albums of them), but for the lack of a better version we keep them.. for the sake of the memory.

In my opinion, I don’t think we look like ourselves most of the time because we feel so awkward (that’s what my granddad meant by looking like ourselves). So how do one become more photogenic? Well, as a photographer it’s my job to lure out that effortlessly photogenic version of you. Believe me or not, but we all have one inside everyone of us. My mums best version comes out when she is desperate to go to the toilet!

The key is being comfortable with being you and trying not to control what you look like. When we let go of the outcome and stop taking ourselves so seriously, magic happens.  The best photos ALWAYS comes out in the moments “in-between”.  The moments when nobody knows the camera is working, when we are getting ready to get ready. So don’t hold on so tight, laugh at yourself, love the quirkiness of you, love your imperfections and flaunt them. There is nothing sexy about a pouty Instagram selfie in the bathroom mirror (sorry to break it to you). I believe the sexiest thing about a person is that genuine belly laugh, the smiling eyes, the quirky thing we do unknowingly, the “focused” face, the nervous laughter, the loving gaze, the “keeping-it-together” face, the embarrassed face… and the content, dreamy half smile we make when we are genuinely happy but nobody is watching…  That advise goes out to you behind the camera too! Exactly that is what I want you to look for. Pretend you take the photo, and then pretend to not take it, but do. If everyone did that, I believe we would have more people looking less like “themselves” in all the future photo albums.. haha…

– “We’re going to have to apologise beforehand for being terribly awkward and not very photogenic”… was the first thing they said to me this morning. Wendy and Kate, God love em! Like I have never heard that before. I think being in the middle of the city with cars and pedestrians walking by was incredibly brave for being “terribly awkward”… In fact, I think they might have secretly transitioned into the category of people who look effortlessly good in photos. Speaking of which, I can’t wait to share their Byron Bay Wedding with you all, the wedding of the century, right in the middle of a butterfly migration… Enough talking, here are the terribly awkward photos I took of the Queens I had the pleasure of getting to know last year.


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