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Mini session of a forest goddess

Have you ever met someone who you can instantly open up to, who thinks in similar ways to you? A person who encourages you when you do good, and who tells you the truth when you don’t, in a loving and trustworthy way? A person who knows how get through to you, who doesn’t judge or feel secretly jealous when you’ve accomplished something you’re proud of. Do you have anyone in your life who can make you laugh at your own shitty situation (or should I say mindset) and get you back on track? Do you have anyone in your life who can drag you out of your hole when you least want it, but needs it most of all? If you do, please hold on to that.  If you don’t that person is out there for you. Show your heart, and they will show theirs.

I’m so thankful I met this woman almost five years ago, this woman is all that for me. She also works as a life coach so I truly hit double jackpot here. She has some exciting new plans in the working and needed some photos for her website, so we found a patch of nature one afternoon and went out in the last light of the day. Hopefully I can share what it is she is working on very soon. Until then click here. This woman can help you find your own answers and come to terms with what it is that is stopping you in your life.

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Heléne Johannesson - Härligt Hanna, vilken målande text och vackra bilder,…håll fast vid denna vänskap, det är lycka // Mamma

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