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Like peas and carrots…

Do you remember when we first met? I sure do. You had so many questions, I didn’t really have that many answers but it didn’t matter. We played every single day and then we slept over at each others houses. We did not waste time. You ate a lot, I waited a lot, wondering how there could be so many meals in one day. We collected snails, we rode our bikes, we recorded our own movies and played card all night long. We washed your granddads car, we washed my parents windows. We lived off chocolate. Our swings fell down on top of your head. You could count to a hundred in English and I was pretending I could too. We had lemon in our hair, porridge on our face and cucumbers on our eyes.  We came up with a song for our favourite ice-cream. We spent a whole day hugging people in the city. We went on shopping trips together, we travelled Australia together, we danced on bars together and we won everything together. We did things no one should know about together. We watched Michael Jackson together and we missed out on Janet Jackson together. You travelled to the other side of the world for me. You left your whole CD collection in the cab for me. You would do anything for me and I would do anything for you. We do things our way. We don’t listen to what other people say. We create our own world a world of love, nothing more, nothing less. I have loved being your first choice of everything and you will always be mine. Your parents created one hell of a human in you and now you have created one hell of a family too. Your dad saw us, he brought out the sun for us. Your dad are in these pictures, I can feel him. I love you, always have and always will. _MG_9563_MG_9568_MG_9569_MG_9583_MG_9607_MG_9618_MG_9633_MG_9636_MG_9644_MG_9655_MG_9660_MG_9691_MG_9705_MG_9729_MG_9746_MG_9758_MG_9771_MG_9777_MG_9781_MG_9797_MG_9802

Heléne Johannesson - Lovely Photos of your dear friend and her little family, you DID it again, my amazing daughter.

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