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You know that feeling, when inspiration grabs hold of you and you get a vision or an idea so clear that you just have to put it into action immediately so that it doesn’t fade? A vision so exciting and so perfect it cannot be ignored? That is the vision that was sent to me a little while ago before I decided to turn it into reality this summer. I don’t know where it came from.. probably from the future.

I have for the most part of my life been extremely fascinated by light and photography and I have always wanted to do things differently. With photography I feel like there is so much to explore, so much untapped potential, so much to learn and so much more to create. I have always loved to tell stories and let my creativity run wild, therefore I have decided to focus on creating real art now, masterpieces.  The kind of photography that makes people smile, the type that fills them up with joy, that one thing that stops them in their tracks and triggers something inside. I want to tell and share the better version of our story, and to remind everyone what we’re really here to do. I want to share light.

I have created an opportunity right now for you to play the leading role in a story about you. We are all so busy satisfying everyone else, building somebody else’s dreams, taking care of all that daily routine stuff, and to fill our role in society. Therefore, this day is a day for you to be in the spotlight and behind the wheel, now its your turn to see yourself as the beautiful person you are, and with the help of me and some other people get your strengths  highlighted and celebrated. I want to create the best version of you, from idea to finished product. I want to teach what I know, share what I see and through a workshop create masterpieces together with you.

 So if I can get you to Imagine an abandoned castle inspired by the 18th century located on an island outside of Stockholm, where Greta Garbo once performed on stage infront of royalties and the higher class society. Imagine chandeliers in every room, mysterious paintings, cracked walls and peeling wallpaper. Imagine an overgrown garden where there were once perfect fountains and beautifully maintained trees and flower beds. It’s as if the people just walked out of there and never came back. There is a story to be told here, this is the backdrop I have chosen, and the subject of focus is you.

This day will consist of a workshop and photo shoot, private boat transport to Storholmen, and lunch. Spaces are limited to 7 so its first in first served. Send me an email to info@hannahervall.com with the title “Villa Kassman” and I will send you information of how you can reserve a spot.

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