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The Essence of a Goddess

Oh sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on earth! To most people, a moment of sunlight at the right time can be a sacred moment. In fact, all moments are sacred when we are fully present, fully aware. But sunlight at that perfect time of the day, is just one of those amazing triggers that stops our thoughts for a moment and leaves us in a state of awe and appreciation. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tap into that state a little more often? That grounded, calm and connected version of ourselves? Well, that’s what this session was all about, capturing the Essence of a Goddess. The Goddess we all have access to, that sacred feminine power within each and every woman on the planet.

Kim is passionate about helping people, but since having children she has ignited a huge desire to help women, mothers in particular, to feel empowered. We have created so much havoc in this world, much due to the imbalance between the masculine and the feminine energy. We need to remember who we are, we need to realise our power as women, and bring back the balance to this planet. Only women holds the power to create life, that’s a cue! That innate and ancient wisdom is what Kim is here to bring out from within you. With her online meditation programs already available, Kim is launching her own birthing program this year,  along with meditations for children and a sacred mala collection.

As a mother of three, Kim is living with the daily chaos that parenthood brings. The difference with Kim however, is that she finds the lesson in each tantrum, sleepless night or gastro bug, and usually it’s a lesson in responsiveness rather than reaction, self awareness rather than blame.  She teaches us that we can blame the external conditions all we want, but it won’t change anything… (and she speaks from personal experience). Her authenticity and honesty is what makes her words so inspiring.  It’s never about being perfect, it’s about accepting our imperfections and laugh at ourselves when we fall for the traps our own ego has set out. Here is the series of photos we captured in-between cyclones and torrential rain of Kim and her family. Because to have no distinction between work and life is called living.

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You can read more about Kim at Mamagoddess.com.au  and for daily bursts of inspiration you can find her on Facebook and Instagram under that same name.


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