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Shane & Katherine, Brisbane

It’s taken me a while to blog this wedding. It does that sometimes, time slips away and but then we catch it again.. time or “the flow”, whatever we want to call it. Shane and Katherine knows all about that. Not long after they returned from their honeymoon last year in October, Shane got hit […]

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Divina de la Mente

Entrepreneurship is a topic that ignites my soul in an instant. I can discuss ideas for hours and hours on end, without ever getting tired of it. When I occasionally get the opportunity to assist someone with turning their ideas into reality, it is such a satisfying feeling for me. This collaboration was no different. […]

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From barefoot to winter boots

It wasn’t long after this couple met at the Sydney Writers Festival, that Katherine decided that this kind of love was worth moving to Canada for. She packed her little dog, a couple of long pants, a jacket and a pair of closed shoes and kissed her family and friends goodbye. Like the true Australian the is, she showed up wearing […]

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Lola, 11 days old

It’s incredibly refreshing to work with newborn babies, it reminds me of what life (and parenting) is all about. Love, endless love. Today was a day I wanted to quit this mum job. After handing my mum resignation to my 6 year daughter, I sat down and started editing these photos to make me feel […]

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