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Mama Goddess

“If you were to list all the people you love, how long would it take you to name yourself”? That is exactly what this woman is all about, awakening the goddess within you. She calls her business “Mama Goddess” because she helps you find yours. I am so passionate about what we together will bring […]

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What love feels like

Jonas never gave up on Ellie. She was, and still is his childhood sweetheart. Jonas fought for this girl, he knew she was his, way before she did. He held on to her bike so that she couldn’t ride away after school and he called her so many times that he could not be ignored. […]

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Be grateful for motherhood

Many women seem to forget what it is they actually see in the mirror when they are pregnant. Why is it that many of us don’t see beyond our rapidly growing bodies? There is a child growing in there, a miracle, a brand new human being! A pregnant woman is a blooming flower, one of […]

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M…. For Mia

A week overdue and with a marathon labour of 42 hours, baby Mia was born. When you are determined to have a natural birth, like Michelle was, you have to fight with a lot of doctors once it goes over a certain amount of hours. Luckily she had Marco there to fight the doctors for […]

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