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West coast bliss

Something that I live by is that if you allow and trust in the unknown, things will almost certainly turn out better than you could have ever planned for. We cannot control everything, and when we attempt to do so, it often takes the magic away. This afternoon was yet another one of those trusting moments. Lina called […]

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Harrison, here to turn this ship around…

We arrive on this planet not to land in a perfectly feathered nest, but to experience contrast and growth. Without contrasting experiences we would not grow as human beings.  There is so much poverty, greed, hunger, devastation and violence in the world, and I believe there has been enough people experiencing the contrasts of life, that we are now clear […]

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Mama Goddess

“If you were to list all the people you love, how long would it take you to name yourself”? That is exactly what this woman is all about, awakening the goddess within you. She calls her business “Mama Goddess” because she helps you find yours. I am so passionate about what we together will bring […]

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The Madsens…

The Madsens, a year and a half since I first met them. I love when people come back, I love to listen to what’s been going on the past year and what the plans are for the future. This family is expanding and looking forward to our next meeting. Life is such an exciting journey, […]

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Children, our unstoppable sparkles of the world.

When born every child is perfect, connected to his or her higher consciousness and living in bliss. Children are remarkable.  Every child is competent and  should be the role model for every adult, because as sad as it may sound, most of us have forgotten what it should feel like to be alive. Children always want to cooperate, sometimes they […]

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