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Be that woman – sneak peak from the WonderWoman workshop

Last Saturday something magical happened. I had organised a workshop called the Wonder Woman workshop. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but I knew it felt right and I just had to do it. The weather forecast was predicting thunderstorms and rain, but I never trust weather forecast. Lucky. Around lunch time on Saturday, seven committed women showed up, at the location I had picked. Most of them had driven more than an hour to get there, most of them were nervous about the day. I had asked them beforehand to tell me a little bit about themselves. Not what they do for a living but rather who they are, who they think they are and who they believe themselves to be. It took a little  bit of thinking, as we never get asked questions like that. The wonder women came back with answers that made my chin drop to the ground in amazement, so I started summarising it and putting the information into roles. It all just came out. I presented them with their roles and they accepted my interpretation. After lunch time I started photographing these women, and I gave out my other cameras and said to them “what do you see?” It did not take long for the woman in focus to let down her guard and step into her power. Some took one minute, some took five, but they all got there. Isn’t that amazing? Sometimes you just need that one person to see you for who you really are, remind you of who you really are and find your own power again. THAT was what this day was about, it was perfect, it was magical, it was a wild adventure and it was mindblowingly beautiful. Women, listen… be that someone. Be that someone today, the one who sees the best in the women around you because they are all wonder women waiting to be seen, by you. Why don’t you start with the woman in the mirror?

Meet Earth Mother, the Power Healer, The Power Fighter , the Peaceful Wildlife Warrior, the Wild Sprit, the Knockout Creator and little miss Earth Nymph. More to come…

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Lindsay - This was honestly the best day I’ve had for a long time. You should make this a thing for women who need a boost. We all need to be reminded how awesome we are and this was the best way to do it. Thank you Hanna x

Heléne Johannesson - Magic, can we do this next time we meet? ?????????????????

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