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Be grateful for motherhood

Many women seem to forget what it is they actually see in the mirror when they are pregnant. Why is it that many of us don’t see beyond our rapidly growing bodies? There is a child growing in there, a miracle, a brand new human being! A pregnant woman is a blooming flower, one of the most beautiful things in the world. One of the most natural things in the world. If it wasn’t for us women, none of us would exist. So please take a moment to reflect on how grateful you are to be alive. Yes, you! Right now! Not wanting to capture this moment in life is a moment lost forever. Isabella and Marco, thank you for trusting me. And on behalf of everyone, thank you for bringing new life into this world and for being messengers of love. Please always remember this moment. The moment you felt your child was perfect just the way she was, even though she wasn’t even born. Please remember that each child needs to know that they are perfect just the way they are. Children just want to be seen, so make sure you do.

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