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Adventure is Sweden 2014… Let it begin!

Adventure is Sweden 2014 and I am so excited about going home for a decent amount of time this year. I can’t wait hear the pilots on Scandinavian airlines welcoming me home over the PA with their Swedish accents. Just thinking about it makes me tear up, home finally!  I want to feel the solid doors at the airport bathrooms that goes all the way from the floor to the ceiling,  and where there is a sink in every cubicle! Once I can smell that stone floor and walk straight past the rude customs officer, I know I am home. This is only the beginning. I was planning on bringing my camera gear with me and with fresh eyes try to capture all that Sweden is. I want to explore the raw and rugged beauty of Scandinavia and show off our beautiful people. This is where you come in. If you are getting married in Sweden this summer, or know someone who is, I think you should call me or email me and make a booking. You should contact me even if you are not getting married in fact! This is a rare opportunity and I encourage you to make the most of it. Families, couples, singles, children and babies… I am all yours this summer! I am also going to give away a full day of wedding photography.. yep. All day coverage, all your images and a tailor made wedding album and more ! So again, if you know someone… or if that someone is you, you need to contact me right now. Details are coming so please like and share

Come out, come out wherever you have been hiding all winter! Let the adventure begin!


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