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2014 in review

As time passes us by, not often do we look back at what we have achieved. It is vital to go though what we actually managed to accomplish. We need to celebrate our accomplishments, reflect over learnings, refine and then set new goals. As humans we need to grow, we need constant progress or else we loose ourselves. As we all climb our mountains we must stop every now and then to enjoy the view, but never loose sight of the summit. I have been silent lately, enjoyed the present, the view, and spent a lot of time reflecting on my learnings of the past year. During 2014 I learnt that generosity is a scarcity, but the leverage on repayment far outweighs the outlay, and therefore being generous is almost always a great investment. Poetry. Infuse your words with you and tell the stories that only you could tell and even the impossible connection is possible. We need to connect more.  When dealing with other people, always connect first and don’t take anything personally, bless your frustrations as they are gifts that will help you grow. Stay in alignment with yourself and you will experience less resistance. Patience, forbearance always wins out, not anger.  Playing small serves nobody, thinking impossible thoughts is exciting and it should be done daily. Through self discipline you harness your true power, motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going. If you are the most inspirational person in the room, change room. Realistic and problem are two words I will use rarely, they don’t serve me. Fear is exciting and should be viewed as such. This year I will value my time higher and I will hire a personal assistant to help me become super organised. My 2015 will be about adventure, fun, creativity, contribution, family and freedom because that is what I value the most. The way to predict your 2015 is to create it. I have created my year already and it looks spectacular. You’ll see it when you believe it. I will leave you with some on my 2014 moments you have not seen.

Love, peace and blessings…. and please be you, you are so bloody good at it.











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